Street Carnival

On Saturday I went to Lapu Lapu city street party. It was a raucous afair with a huge crowd and carnival vibe.

The week long Lapu Lapu fiesta, which culminated with the street party on Saturday, is a annual event to commemorate the defeat and slaying of the Portuguese explorer Fernando Magellan who was killed by Lapu Lapu and his men (so the story goes) on the shores of what is now Lapu Lapu city. It is one of the first recorded instances of the Philippino people defending their country from an attacking colonialist force and so they take great pride in the event.

For my part, I played football with some local guys before I went to the street party so I felt quite healthy and decided I deserved a drink or two. The atmosphere instilled a deep seated urge within me, natural some might say, unnatural to others, to drink hard.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself but didn’t make it much past 11pm, I spent the rest of the night sleeping off my over exuberance on one of the tables close to where some friends were dancing! On sunday I received my punishment in the form of a nasty hangover.

Here are a few choice pics from the night (before I fell asleep!)


One response to “Street Carnival

  1. hi Harold.
    really enjoyed reading all of the recent posts. Good to see how other cultures do festivities eh… I’m off to Bangkok quite shortly, I think that’ll be an induction into another kind of party culture.

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