France by bicycle

Bonjour, bonjour,

I have just completed the first third of my cycle through France to Spain and am currently staying in Laval until the morning, having a rest day.

The people I am couchsurfing with here a wonderful and a welcome break and natter away from the quiet, peaceful roads. I have been blown away by the calm on the little backroads in France and by how it seems that you have the countryside to yourself. I spent two nights camping in wooded regions and relaxing to meditation and stove cooked pasta. I got to see a red squirrel making an outrageous leap of about 3 metres from one branch to another (one of the pluses to meditating outside is that if you don’t move for 50minutes animals tend to percieve you as inanimate and so will get close without fear). The going has been steady and good except for a precarious back wheel that often has me on edge that it may not make the full trip, and a somewhat firey right knee! Massive positives have included a new, spanky and very sturdy back pannier rack, the ability to eat inordinate amounts of cheap white chocolate without fear of poor health and the feeling of warmth returning to the air the further south I travel. On top of this the audiobook of Derren Brown has provided much amusement, as have lectures on but not restricted to; psychoactive drugs, how to listen to classical music #1 ‘Timbre’, Hearing and age and The Sense of Smell (there was a study done in which women were found to be able to tell if other women had recently been scared by watching a horror film or not been scared by watching a romantic or other such film. The women tested were able, with great accuracy, to tell who had been scared only through the sense of smell. Men, it turns out, could not.)

I’m afraid this is short as the Laval biblioteque has a one hour limit on internet use and no ability to download pictures so none with this blog, but my next entry from Cognac (in 300km) is sure to have some, assuming that is that I’m not out of my mind on the eponymous liquer itself. Fingers crossed on that front!

So the stats; 330Km

1 dodgy back tyre and hub

1 great foam pad for my bum (thanks dad)

Lots of pasta

Lots of chocolate

10 pan au chocolat for tomorrow

4 great new friends in Laval

0 punctures

1 heck of a long way!

More stats next time

love love


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