France, the final chapter

Just a quick note from the cyber cafe in Capbreton.

So, the bike and I made it across the expanse of Western France. We arrived last saturday morning to the welcome arms of Jack and Emma and a beer. Having completed the final leg of the journey I can safely say I am filled with joy and relief. An intense experience to say the least.

I got into the pines forests of the South which were more amicable than the intense farmland of the North and Central regions and the heat was punishing, reaching a peak at 2pm and requiring a couple of hours siesta, something that I find hard to pqrtake of normally but it is good, as one of my french hosts told me to ‘prends le temps’, ‘to take time’.

We have been beach camping this week, watching on occqsion the top 34 surfers in the world take on each other and the brutal ten foot breaks off the coast of Hossegor, it is the European leg of the world surfing tour here qt the moment. Cooking on stoves, the occasional fire and frolic on Jack’s bodyboard have kept me limber.

On sunday I move south into Spain, on to Valencia and a rencontrer with two more friends for more cycling but at a relaxed pace. Siesta and sangria. And engaging in some communities in the south of Spain.

Cycle Stats:

1100km covered

16 days

2 trips to 2 different cognac maisons

Many big waves

2 punctures in all

1 love affair with my new bicycle

1 desperately keen rugby fan for England to beat France as he watches in France

Long live the cycles;


One response to “France, the final chapter

  1. I hope that the love affair may continue in España!

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