New material

Happy New Year to all. I thought I’d ease in to 2012 with some of me own home made, zero carbon literature. I hope these are enjoyable. I put up some more in me poems section for those inclined.



The Voice of the Plants:

The hands of time tick slowly by,

In the minds of those who seek peace on the outside,

Yet the animals and birds find knowledge in nothing of the sort,

The perfect motion of life on earth exists in understanding the intrinsic worth & sacredness in that

which engages only for now.


The storm will rise, the honey will glow,

The sun will shine everyday above the clouds,

The rain will still fall and the wind blow,

Long after the myth of the Purple Shroud has gone,

So, just sit down and sip gently on your tea or a cup o’ Joe

& ask the plants and trees, I am confident they know.





Real Tea

Milky sweet delictations are too prominent,

Revive simple pleasures,

Just hot water and leaves,

Because these, these will speak to you…




 The only 3 things you’ll ever need…

I’ve been thinking hard about what I believe,

About what I know,

Science is just the new religious paradigm and religion doesn’t give me hope,

Just three realisations will allow me to more than cope:

– ‘This will also change, things can’t remain the same’

– ‘Keep your Balance’

And the one that rests highest above:

– ‘All you need is love’.





Archaic bullshit consumes daily exhortations, fierce goaders help invert justice, killers lambast media. National organisations push quackpot reports suggesting ‘terrorists usurp!’ vitriolically, whilst xenophobically yanking Zeitgeist.




The Dalai Lama:

“Ordinary compassion and love give rise to a feeling of closeness, but this is essentially attachment. As long as the other person appears to you as beautiful or good, love remains, but as soon as he or she appears to you as less beautiful or good, your love changes completely.”

“Learning to forgive is infinitely more useful than merely picking up a stone and throwing it at the object of ones anger, especially when the provocation is extreme.”




Perhaps a bit too much density in this post but I figured, why not? It’s not often I get so much of the deep stuff out in one go, it is the New year and all.


2 responses to “New material

  1. Voice of the Plants & 3 things , very good and get better the more I read them

  2. Wow… Harry such wisdom your an inspiration… Keep it up… !!

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