It’s not them…

…The conversation continued…

“I can’t see them stopping what they’re doing,

“They’re always wanting more, they keep destroying everything,

“Like the oil men, they’ll never stop taking the oil and the money,

“The bankers are always so greedy, how can we stop their crazy system?

“And look at the army, billions of dollars, huge machines,

“They’re killing innocent children in wars of conquest.

“And those politicians, they start these wars, they always want power,

“They’ll just make horrible decisions anyway, we can’t stop them.”

It is not them, it is us.

It is in the energy used to make this paper I write on,

It’s in the oil used to make this biro I write from,

In the monocultured wheat I use to make my bread,

In the cars, planes, trains, boats and bicycles that we use,

In the paints on our walls,

In every polyester shirt,

Every rubber soled shoe,

Every plastic container, every metal knife and fork,

Every television screen that glows through the night,

Every amber street light that takes away the dark,

Every single building that blocks the stars,

Every pint of beer, every cigarette,

Every single newspaper headline,

It’s in every angry thought, snap of aggression, look of dislike,

Every drunken fight,

Every fear,

Every swatting of a pesky fly or disliked beetle scuttling along the ground,

Look up, its in nearly everything you see that’s been affected by us.

‘They’ never did anything.

It was us.


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