…It’s us.

…They replied…

“It’s so amazing what they have done those people, they knew how to do it,

“Look at how much they did for humans, Gandhi or Martin Luther King Jr.

“You or I couldn’t do that.

“What about them philosophers, they are so smart, I’ll never be as smart as them,

“And those builders know how to construct so many things, so much skill,

“I can’t do that,

“And those musicians who play that music, imagine being able to play like them,

“And what about those people from that exotic place on TV, they looked so happy,

“I’m not happy like them.”

It is not them. It is us.

These things only happen through collective effort,

Sharing of action and thought, generation to generation.

Every chord played on the guitar,

Every movement, led by charisma, to help enact positive change,

Every invention which incites no violence,

Every compassionate rule or law,

Every collectively cooked meal,

Every session of washing up,

Every dog stroked and petted,

Every shape pulled on the dance floor,

Every worm saved from the spade by hand,

Every acceptance of equality,

Every hug, every smile, every laugh,

Every happy child.

Every smile in the face of adversity.

All this goodness, all around,

It’s not them, it’s us.


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