Shambala 2012

So Shambala came and went and with it the birth of a new project. ‘The Lost and Foundation Emporium’ was a great success at the festival and although we knew it was going to be fun, I now hope that it can be developed more and taken to some other festivals, as well as back to Shambala, next year (fingers crossed). Five of us took on the persona’s of loud, rude, obnoxious Bronx detectives for the weekend as we aimed to make people laugh and smile as well as challenge the idea of being lost and help inspire people meet new friends. Some highlights:


Detective Worth Matravers wearing his costume with wig and hat. The wig just had me in stitches every time:

The ‘Case of the Golden Owls’ was a great success. The ‘Ladies Night’ crew had their two prize golden owls stolen from their DJ area on Saturday and we were able to help get them returned. We were genuinely surprised by this success and in response a lot of jumping around occurred, cider was drunk:

Detective Chuckles continually provided mirth with his outrageous outfits totally unfit for a professional detective, perfect for us:

The Detective Dance choreographed by Detective Anticrisis was finally unveiled on Sunday afternoon in the closing ceremony and getting a load of people joining in and rolling around was particularly fun:

As was Sunday’s game on Ratchet Screwdriver. We managed to get loads of old friends and new to play in the sunshine, young ‘uns joined in as well and a lot of laughter and kissed cheeks occurred. This was a big highlight and a phenomenal picture of it (or two) can be found here:


‘Where is Claudio??!!’ was also a great giggle. The whereabouts of our mythical cockerel Claudio was mused on by a lot of people. The vast majority of strangers I spoke to on Saturday and Sunday had heard that some chicken was lost somewhere and we finally found a major clue one afternoon:

General mirth and time spent with friends was, of course, the major highlight of the weekend. Each year I am totally blown away by Shambala and the way it defines the core meaning of a festival more than any other. Friends, kids, renewables, sustainable, phenomenal music, late nights, coffee, colour, so many smiles, uncountable smiles, costumes, workshops, the right effort, the right work, unnoticable security, jack B. Nimble, so much more….


If you were there it was a pleasure to spend time with you, if you weren’t, have a look at the pics on their website, get there next time!


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