Ethnobotany begins…

I wanted to bring a minor update to this blog by sharing the fact that I have started a one-year masters course in Ethnobotany this week, in Canterbury, Kent.  Ethnobotany is the study of humans interactions with plants globally and pays particular attention to Traditional Botanical Knowledge, Indigenous people’s use of plants, modern plant use and ties it all in with conservation and ecology.

The recent period has been somewhat hectic and so I have had little time to sit down and write anything, but I hope (hope) to begin updating the blog with various nuggets of interest over the coming twelve months, as I receive them, as I feel they will be of great interest.

For now I will just say that I have met the other students who have a broad range of interests but are a lovely motley crew (and they all seem to have great knowledge of interesting things), had a talk on Makak monkeys in Japan (less exciting than it sounds), and am beginning the process of learning how to take and press plant material and make reports on herbarium specimens. All interesting stuff…

(Anyone visiting Canterbury will find a fouton bed and friendly house to stay in if they need it! Mi casa es su casa)

Hasta Luego



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