The End

An anarchic ascention against all allusions acceding avarice,

Battons bash, barking badgeless bruisers are backed up by bullshitters,

Create consciousness, create compassion.

Welcome with open arms the coming collapse of capitalism. For be sure that it will end sometime, as sure as the Great Migration across the plains of sub-Sahara will one day end, so too will this lifestyle, this system that we have created in an unconscious slumber, in an unerring faith in our own self-aggrandising egotism. Feeling deep within that we are the final goal of evolution is certainly a contributing factor to our divergence from the path, we are not that final goal, we are not the pinnacle. We have simply lost our way, we have fallen asleep.

This is a system which rewards people’s actions with an arbitrary token of barter. A system which creates subservience, silent submission, starvation, boredom, aversion to another new day, teenage suicide (what an horrific indictment), disconnection, fear of nature, incarceration of minds, greed, avarice, judgement and, above all, egotism.

There is no hope in the capitalist system, no hope in a positive future through it, none. But, there is no hope in any future society, no hope, until we awaken from this unconsciousness that saturates every stratum of our being.

If you believe the fight is ‘us’ against ‘them’, whoever ‘they’ may be, be they governments, bankers, the corporate hegemony or anyone else, then you are fighting the wrong fight. The future you fight for is a future that ends up the same as the way this one is headed. A future in which ‘they’ are wrong and ‘we’ are right, a future where, finally, those who know how it should be done are having their vision fulfilled. In this future there is still segregation and the egos will prevail. In this future some will irrevocably be rendered to a lower class and disharmony and discontment will prevail again. Fear will rise.

Know this, there has only ever been and only ever will be ‘us’ and ‘our’ problem, no ‘them’. All or nothing.

So, we must learn this and understand it and only then can we act. And act only with compassion, because who would act out of rage or anger towards one of ‘us’? Of course, at times we must be firm, resolute, determined, sacrificing, but first must come compassion.

And however it goes, it will keep going all the same, so enjoy it.


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